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Pork and Beans!

Weezer’s video for their new song “Pork and Beans” hit the internets!  I freaking love it!  It has my boy K-Fed in it and Chrissy Crocker and all the rest of the internet superstars!  WOOT!  I love Weezer.  Oh how I love them and Rivers Cuomo is looking sweet with the new stache.  Enjoy!  Oh and have a great holiday weekend - I know I will!!!

Weezer: Pork and Beans

P.S. Did you catch my favorite unicorn pal at the end?  Look for him! - “CHARLIE!!!


Don’t Call It A Comeback!

When I renewed my membership to Surfrider Foundation this last go round, they threw in a year’s subscription to Surfing Magazine for me, their way of saying thanks for donating every year.  So, I was flipping through the latest issue of the magazine last night when I came across the following Op ad that I had to tear out and bring into work this morning so I could scan it to share with you:

Op Ad

I almost flipped right past it, when I looked closer and then became instantly confused.  What in the name of all that is holy was Op thinking when they decided on this to be their latest marketing gimmick?  Okay - Kristin Cavallari I get - she is cute, has a great body and she is from the “OC” - so technically she would qualify as a reasonable choice to use in Op’s ad.  But Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy?  Okay, I did not realize that he had jumped ship on that whole Emo scene and become a beach bum.  And Wilmer Valderrama?  Seriously… Come on… Fez from “That 70’s Show”?  Really?  And more confusing is that they used these three that have absolutely NOTHING in common together in the ad.  What in the hell was Op trying to accomplish with this?  If this is their attempt at a comeback… it’s not working.  I know they are partnering with Wal-Mart now, which just leads to even more questions… Pete Wentz and Wilmer Valderrama are that hard up that they are pimping Op for Wal-Mart now?  I went ahead and visited Op’s website this morning to do some more investigating (yes, yes I did - shut the hell up), and I wish I could say I came away from that experience feeling better, but unfortunately, I did not.  It got worse… much worse.


Op Dudes

When I clicked on the “Op Dudes” tab, I learned that not only did they hire the AWESOME talents of Pete and Wilmer, but they also got Corbin Bleu from the High School Musical films - SWEET.  That makes it even better.  I can totally picture him and Pete Wentz hangin out on the beach together catching some gnarly waves!  Oh wait a second, hold up… hold your excitement peeps, because here come the “Op Chics” running down the beach to meet up with their surfer boys:


Op Chics

Oh Snap!  Is that who I think it is?  Hell yeah it is, it’s the famous R&B singer Christina Millian hailing fom Jersey City, New Jersey and the oh so beautiful and talented Rumer Willis straight outta Idaho ya’ll! - Heeeyyyy!  Here we go!  I am totally feeling that Op beach vibe now!


The Op Team

Here they are all together with their boards, after a long day of surfing, having a big party on the beach.  Look at Wilmer playing those bongo drums.  How fun!

I cannot believe this is Op’s attempt to jump back into the game.  But more so than that, I cannot believe that Op seriously forced me to have to spend my time writing about this today, because of their confusing-ass, stupid ad in a magazine.  Eff You Op!  You and Wal-Mart deserve each other!  :thumbsdown:


Happy Birthday Monica!

Happy Birthday!

Today is Monica’s birthday - YAY MONICA!!!  She is turning a very young 29.  Please go over and wish her a very Happy Birthday.


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Virginia Beach Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon

I just registered myself for the the Virginia Beach Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon.  I have paid the $90 entrance fee and have signed myself up for what may end up being the death of me.  The race is Labor Day weekend.  I have the summer to prepare for it… and I will need all the preparation I can get.  I have wanted to do this for a very long time and have never followed through - 2008 will be the year I do!

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