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Another Birthday Card From Billy

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Monday was my dad’s birthday - he turned 64 years old… DAMN he is getting old.  Anyways, we of course celebrated it at my parent’s house on Sunday night with dinner, cake and presents.  And of course there was a birthday card from my brother Billy.  This time though, instead of a witty short story, he decided to offer up some services for my dad… services he says will be provided by me.  Not a chance in hell!!!


Sunday Entertainment

Right near our (Dena and I’s) neighborhood, there is a shopping center that has a couple small dive bars in it.  Dive bars that we LOVE to go to… for several reasons.  First, you cannot beat the entertainment that you find in dive bars, you just can’t, I dare you to try.  Second, cheap drinks that are made strong.  Last, it is walking distance from our house in case we need to walk home after a night of drinking and after we hit up 7-11 for some Go Go Taquitos (our staple drunk food).  I tell you all this because yesterday, at around 1:45pm, Kaiden and I left the house and were heading to my mom’s house.  We were waiting at the light when Kaiden heard a bunch of yelling and said “MOM, oh my gosh, those guys are screaming cuss words at each other and fighting each other.”  So OF COURSE, I had to quickly pull into the parking lot and park near them so that we could watch what was going down!  That was a quality education

entertainment opportunity and we WERE NOT going to miss it!  (Peggy - you should include some field trips like this in your homeschooling curriculum)


It was hilarious!  They were screaming in each other’s faces, stuff like “YOU KNOW DAMN WELL THAT’S MY MONEY YOU SONOFAB*TCH” and kept swinging punches at each other and missing because they were already THAT wasted drunk before 2pm on a Sunday.  Kaiden was all worried and wanted to know if I was going to get out and do something… she is so cute and naive (still in training).  Hell no… I was snapping photos and trying to get Dena on the phone as fast as I could!  Then, as fast as it started - it was done.  They headed back in the bar to continue drinking and we continued our drive to my mom’s house.

Earlier that day, Kaiden had a small meltdown because she could not go run two miles with Dena and Ethan, due to the fact that she left her running shoes at school on Friday… we were talking during our drive and I said “Do you think me letting you watch a bar fight makes up for you not getting to go running this morning?”  She answered “Yes!  That was so AWESOME!”  Yes it was… yes it was!!!


Sundries - 01/22/10

soapbox.SUPERSTAR Sundries
A collection of thoughts and other stuff not worthy of a full post.

  • I have totally felt like I have had nothing of interest to write about on this blog lately, so I am writing a hodge podge post of a lot of nonsense.
  • I have had ZERO time to work out lately and it is really starting to depress me.  I spent the last week cutting carbs, since that is the one sure way I know that I can lose some weight without having to exercise… although I really need to exercise, as eating meat and cheese is expensive as shit.
  • I am completely over rain.  I mean BEYOND over it.  This winter has had more rain than I can ever remember in past years.
  • Alf is on twitter.  This makes me smile.  Alf was like my favorite show growing up.  I had an Alf doll I slept with nightly.  I also had a Lurky doll I slept with from Rainbow Brite.
  • My friend Dena has been walking 6 miles a day and looks amazing.  I am proud of her… and jealous!
  • Ashton has had his front tooth dangling for weeks.  It will not come out and is driving me insane - it looks ridiculous.  I’m going to have to break down and take him to the dentist.
  • Our dog Gilly is doing good.  She has her moments and she has a serious farting problem, but she is settling in!  Kaiden does wonderful with her.

That’s all I got!

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I am SO over getting a thousand emails a day, from companies/groups that personally, I do not EVER remember even signing up to receive emails for.  For like two years now, I have just hit delete when they come into my phone… DELETE DELETE DELETE… all day long.  I have gotten so used to it, that I have thought nothing of it.  But honestly - I am over it - SO OVER IT.  So for the last couple days and for the next couple weeks - I am not deleting ANYTHING that comes into my phone.  I am taking the time to open the emails on my computer and scroll to the bottom of every single one of them and hit “UNSUBSCRIBE” so that I can be done with them for GOOD!

Goodbye Macy’s, Amazon, Jiffy Lube, XM Radio, Tiger Direct, Easy Web Monitoring, Hooker Monthly Digest (I’m kidding about this one), Ebay, Highlights for Children, L.A. Weekly Reader Community (seriously?  WTH is that anyways and why am I a member?) and all the rest of you!  Hopefully in a couple weeks, when I get an email on my phone… it will be an actual email from an actual person that I know and would like to hear from!

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Kaiden Says…


Kaiden Says



Sunday night we were over at my mom’s house for Sunday night dinner.  After dinner, we were playing Hasbro Family Game Night on the Wii.  We had gone around and around playing Connect Four and I was unbeatable.  My mom could not beat me, my brother could not beat me and Kaiden could not beat me… that is until Kaiden started really paying attention to my strategy and FINALLY beat me in a round.  When I commented “WOW, Kaiden actually beat me,” she responded with:

“DON’T underestimate your daughter!!!  She watches you, then she learns from you, then she turns around and uses it against you to conquer you!!!”

Hmmm… I am going to need to up my game!

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