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Kaiden the Videographer

Kaiden and Josie's Music Video from soapbox.SUPERSTAR on Vimeo.

Kaiden has been obsessed with this app on her iPhone called Video Star. She is killing me with it... and the sad thing is, she is getting pretty darn good with it.  She made a video last week of her and Kevin at the park that was adorable.  This weekend, she came home from a sleepover with her friend Josie and they had made this video.  They did not finish it, but I was pretty damn impressed with what they had finished!  Try to ignore how short Kaiden is compared to her friend, and PLEASE do not go trip trapping over her bridge when you are done watching!  wink

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Snow Igloo

The Scanlon men set out to build a snow igloo. It is looking a little more like a snow pyramid.  Todd assures me the engineering is high quality.


Well, after an evening of Bunco, cocktails and thanks to the Gilkes Family... moonshine, Uncle Billy decided to check out the igloo at 1am and unfortunately, it did not fare to well the next day.  I believe he damaged the structure, so sagging and a faster melt time occurred.  Ashton is not happy with Uncle Billy.  Uncle Billy has limited memory of the events.



Cleatus has learned to jump up on the furniture. Joy.

Posted via Anastasia the Android.  Anastasia the Android

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Las Vegas | Shot Show 2013

The boys from work and I flew out to Las Vegas on Sunday, 01/13/13 for Shot Show 2013.  On Monday, we spent the day out at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's Shooting Range for one of our client's Range Day, so that we could allow people to demo the rifle we distribute.  IT WAS FREEZING... in the 20's all day, with unbelievable wind.   Shot Show started Tuesday morning and ran every day through Friday and was so unbelievable.  It takes you that many days to even be able to walk the entire show - not including the many, many meetings we had set up with clients.

Tuesday night, our client Renegade hosted an open bar party in the VooDoo Lounge on top of the Rio Hotel - UNBELIEVABLE VIEW!  It was a lot of fun, and I am sure my co-workers will never view me the same.  Oh Well.  By day three I was exhausted.  Hungover, walking all day, dehydrated.  Just a mess.

I did learn how to play craps - and actually left the table UP!  Woot!  We ate at some good restaurants - Gordan Ramsey's Burgr, Emeril Lagassi's Table 10.  I also got to meet some celebrities... Stone Cold Steve Austin, Willy from Duck Dynasty.  Steven Segall was there as well as all the people from "Swamp People."

It was a fun trip, also tiring because it was actually work.  I was happy to be home at the end of the week.  Hopefully I will be invited back next year!  smiley

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