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2013 All City Chorus Performance

For the second year in a row, Kaiden tried out for and was chosen to sing in the Virginia Beach All City Chorus.  The performance was held on Friday night, April 12, 2013 at the Sandler Performing Arts Center.  Pop Pop, Uncle Billy and Raigen, Todd, myself, Ashton and Kaiden's soccer buddy Britton all attended.  She did a good job looking adorable and singing and Britton did a fantastic job of screaming her name from the balcony so that Kaiden would know exactly where we all were.  Afterwards, we all went to Red Robin for dinner and bottomless Rootbeer Floats!  It was a fun night.


School Pictures-Spring 2013

Ashton's spring school picture... with his out of control hair.  He is refusing haircuts, says he is growing it out like Chuck Norris.  I really wish that was a joke, sadly, it is not.

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Ashton is good at…

Please try not to be jealous of what my, obviously VERY talented child is good at. Not everyone's child can be as AMAZING and TALENTED as mine. Sorry. I am sure your kid is good at things as well, just not anything as fantastic as my kid.

SERIOUSLY... he wrote this on a school assignment. His teacher must think we are the weirdest family in the world!


Hockey and Baseball

Yesterday we started Field Hockey with Kaiden.  She wanted to try it, so we signed her up for a season to give it a try.  It was the first time in YEARS that I have seen her actually nervous.  She said she felt like she was going to throw up.  When she took dance for 8 years, she started at age 2... there was no being nervous, she just always knew it.  With soccer, she started out young and has grown and attended tryouts with girls she has been playing with forever.  There is no more nervousness with that.  This time she was trying something completely new and did not know anyone.  She was afraid she would not be good at it and would feel out of place.  It was so weird to see her like that.  She ended up doing fine and it certainly will take some getting used to.  Even though the positions and game play are the same as soccer, the stick and ball will take practice.  She ended up knowing a girl on her team from Beach FC, which made her feel a little better.  We will see if this is something that sticks.  She was really excited to try it.

Ashton had his first baseball game last night as well.  He played pretty good according to dad.  Hit well, played 3rd base and 2nd base and during one run, stole 2nd base.  I was sorry I missed it.  He told me all about it once Kaiden and I got home though.  I will tell you one thing...

He looked DAMN CUTE after his game with his war paint on and in his uniform!!!  Even with his unruly. long, hippie hair! If only it was a Mets uniform.


The Headband

Last week while the kids were in Florida on Spring Break with their Gammy, Pop Pop and Aunt Kelly, Kaiden texted me a photo of Ashton... wearing a headband.  SO HIDEOUS!  Ashton decided a while back that he was "growing out his hair like Chuck Norris" and since then has REFUSED to cut his hair. We have dealt with it.  We are not happy about it, but we have dealt with it.  The boy is a bit quirky.  Well, the headband was killing me.  I could not believe my parents were allowing him to walk around like that.  I knew exactly what he was doing, he was trying to be like Chuck Norris, except he did not look like Chuck Norris, as Dena pointed out, he looks like Loverboy...

Isn't that amazing? It's like they are twins. Since he has been home, he has not worn the headband, so I thought we were in the clear.  That is until yesterday when I went through his backpack and cleaned out his schoolwork.  Apparently he had worked very hard on a self-portrait to accompany an autobiography he had written.

He drew himself WEARING the stupid red headband.  I pulled it out, and just glared at him with it in my hand, to which he responded "WHAT? I look SOOO cool!" Uggghhh. He is going to be the death of me! He is so lucky I love him.

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