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A Weekend Wedding

Todd, my brother Billy and Nadine's husband Kevin were all in a co-worker's wedding this past weekend.  It was a very small, backyard wedding for a guy that has worked for my husband for a very, very long time.  These are a few of my favorite photos from Sunday:

These three knuckleheads in their matching outfits, acting like idiots when I wanted to take a photo of them.

This photo of Todd standing on his tippy toes, so he does not look short next to Kevin in a photo. He did not think I would be behind him ready to take a photo, then spend the rest of the day joking him and laughing. That's love.

This one of Kaiden and her Daddy. She is always hugging him - truly a Daddy's girl.

This one of my brother and Kaiden. Kaiden can NEVER just take a damn photo. She ALWAYS has to make her face look ugly, and if Billy is in the photo with her, he ALWAYS makes his face match hers. It's one of his best qualities as an Uncle.


Daddy-Kaiden Date Night

Todd took Kaiden on a date night to see Miranda Lambert last night, which Kaiden was so excited about, and I was actually extremely impressed with at first. Until the truth came out. Todd has made it VERY clear for a long time that Miranda Lambert IS his hall pass (term used for someone so good looking, your significant other can't keep you from them; a free pass; usually used for celebrities). Miranda Lambert also happens to be my best friend Nadine's husband's hall pass. So Todd and Kevin decided they were both going to see her concert. But wait... that would look weird... two 40 year old men at a Miranda Lambert concert together.  Hmmm... what ever could they do?

Well, they could both take their daughters.  GREAT PLAN. Now, instead of looking like two dudes at a concert together, they look like two noble, amazing single fathers... taking their daughters, whom they live for, to a concert. YES... that IS A GREAT PLAN. In fact, such a good plan that they decided to upgrade from lawn tickets to seats - even closer to the woman that they both love, who has no clue these two morons exist. Who knows, Miranda may even look out into the crowd, see these AMAZING FATHERS and decide to leave her husband Blake Shelton for these two heroic, examples of single fatherhood.


Unfortnately, both Todd and Kevin had to come home to their lives after the concert and continue on with their marriages to Nadine and I. On a good note, Kaiden and Brianna had a really good time at the concert! So good for the girls... at least someone got what they wanted out of the evening!  wink


Dinner Conversation with Kaiden

Have you guys heard of the new drug out there called the shrooms? They are bad... probably worse than crack and meth. I can't believe they keep coming up with new drugs to hurt people.

TODD AND I: *holding back hysterical laughter*
NO... we have not heard of "the shrooms." They sound horrible. Darn those thugs and their NEW DRUGS!

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2013 Washington Invitational Tournament

This past weekend was Kaiden's first tournament with her new RUSH team. It was the Washington Invitational in Fredericksburg, VA, hosted by FASA. We drove up Friday afternoon and got all checked in to the hotel. Friday night was pretty uneventful, we unpacked, got settled, hit a drugstore and pretty much went to bed.

Kaiden had two games on Saturday and she played GREAT. They won their first game and tied their second game. In the first game, the first goal was an assist from Kaiden and the second goal was a GORGEOUS kick from the goalkeeper, stopped by Kaiden, touched two times and then shot directly in the goal by her. It was amazing. Second game she did not score, but was spot on with her passing. They scored high enough in the first two games to make it to the semi-finals on Sunday.

Unfortunately, Sunday was a lot of sitting around in the hotel lobby waiting for the weather to calm down (and making ugly faces for photos).  We were on a 1-hour delay, then a 2-hour delay, then all games 15U and under were cancelled all together.  The girls were REALLY disappointed and wanted to play and try to win their flight.  The coach huddled them all up and gave them a pep speech and told them all how proud he was of how good they had played.  Then he told them about how the weekend tournaments away are what build the memories that you remember for a lifetime.  Because the girls spend SO MUCH TIME on soccer fields training, it is the weekend travel trips that form the bulk of their childhood memories and he did not want this weekend to be a bad memory because their semi-finals were cancelled.

So he found a bowling alley down the street from the hotel and apologized to all the parents if they thought they were going to get to start driving home... but too bad because they were going to have a bowling tournament! All the girls got into groups of four and competed on the bowling alley for the highest score in bowling. It was hilarious and the kids had an absolute blast!!! It really did make the weekend memorable for them all. And we were all already so proud of how well they played.

Above was the standings PRIOR to the tournament being cancelled. Kaiden is on Academy Blue. Hopefully next year we will get to come back and win the whole thing!


Charleston Work Trip

Tuesday I had to fly to several Army bases on the east coast with my boss for some meetings to support the new contract we won with the Corps of Engineers. We took his teeny tiny plane, instead of a big, commercial, can't feel much of anything plane. It was my very first time in a plane like this. There were definitely pros and cons.

PROS: Very Convenient, FAST (time from parking car to being up in the air was 11 minutes), did I mention the convenience?

My boss flew us.  He has his pilot's license. We also had another pilot with us as well. Even though Shawn is able to fly, if we ran into weather beyond his experience, we had Doug to jump in and take over. We pay Doug a monthly salary, plus hourly fees, per diem and hotels.

Best part of the trip, hands down, was seeing the Historical District in Charleston, SC. It was absolutely gorgeous. Amazing old homes, buildings, etc. It was breathtaking. I would LOVE living there. I am sad that we had so many meetings planned and I was unable to see more of it.

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