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Sundries - 01/17/11

soapbox.SUPERSTAR Sundries
A collection of thoughts and other stuff not worthy of a full post.

  • I have been fighting a cold since the middle of last week.  When it started coming on, I immediately stocked up on Emergen-C and have been taking it like a mad woman.  Although it has not kept me from getting the cold altogether, I can definitely tell that it has lessened the severity of it.
  • The Steelers won on Saturday (VERY stressful game), which makes the Scanlon Clan happy.  I watched it over at Nadine’s house while she did my hair for me.  The Jets won on Sunday… which is also good, because that means the Steelers will get to play them next week at HOME, giving us home field advantage.  They lost to the Jets back in December with home field advantage… lets hope this game is not a repeat.
  • Today I am working on quitting some bad habits so that my good habits that I have worked so hard on can be better.  I am not in a great mood.  Not at all.
  • Kaiden has been playing Indoor Soccer and is loving it.  They have had two games and have won them both.  She loves that they get to play off the walls.  I wish we would have started this season a week earlier so that my sister could have come and watched her play while she was here.
  • Nadine’s youngest FINALLY says my name (well almost… comes out like issy… but it is MY name dammit) and she finally acts like she likes me.  This is a big deal for me, it was killing me that she would not acknowledge me.  I guess it was my payback since Ashton did the same thing to Nadine… god he wanted nothing to do with her for the longest time and it KILLED her.
  • I had to get my car serviced on Saturday… the 15,000 mile service appointment.  One of the appointments that you HAVE to get or else you forfeit your free oil changes and warranty.  It was not too bad money-wise, about $88, but they kept my car all day long.  Thank god my friend Barry was visiting his parents nearby so he picked me up and I hung out with him while waiting on my car to be done.
  • I eat Subway like it is my job - seriously I do.  I go through stages, I don’t get something different every time I am there to mix it up.  For EVER I ate ham and american… then one day I decided to try Buffalo Chicken.  So for like the last year I have gotten Buffalo Chicken EVERY SINGLE TIME I went to Subway… which is MULTIPLE times a week.  I am proud to announce, I have a new sandwich that I am digging… the Turkey BLT.  And GOOD NEWS… it is still one of Subway’s healthy subs, even with the bacon!  SCORE!
  • This weekend, in between runs, haircuts, football games and car maintenance I got caught up on all my DVR’ed episodes of BONES.  I LOVE that show.  LOVE.

That’s all I got… but I will leave you with the SNL Digital Short from this past weekend, which cracked me up, because it starred Pee Wee Herman!  “Ohhh… Hey Anderson…”  Hahaha.



Reason #468 Why I Love My Brother…


Because not only does he write the best birthday cards… he also sends the best random text messages!


Shamrock 2011


The kids have been bugging me to get them all signed up for the Shamrock races in March so that they can join the Running Club at school and start training for them, so today I registered them and myself.  I am not doing the Half Marathon this time (although I am probably in WAY better shape to run one than I was for the two I have previously completed, and by completed I mean did not die in the process).  Kaiden and I will be running the 8k together and I am happy about that… happy to run with her and happy she wants to do it.  Ashton (much to my surprise) asked and begged all on his own to be a part of this as well, so I signed him up for the Final Mile and he too will participate in Running Club every week to prepare for it.  Dena and Ethan will also be running the 8k and I am excited about that as well.

Here is the route for our 8k run:


Not happy about how much of it will have to be run on that concrete boardwalk (I HATE running on concrete) but oh well, this one is for Kaiden.  Guess I am going to have to let her come running with me some to help her prepare.  Five miles is a lot for her little legs!


Ashton Says…

Ashton Says

I have been holding on to a few of these in my phone so I wouldn’t forget them, so now I am cleaning them out.

“I waked up just in time to wake up Mommy!”

“MOM… Can you PLEASE just wait your patience with me for a minute!”

“Ugghh, why does my eye keep itching?  Do you think I have that thing they call side effects Mom?”

“Aww MAN, that’s gross, I am totally going to varmint on you!”

And finally this one…

ME TO MY MOM: “How are we going to do Christmas this year?” (inquiring about dinner, etc)

ASHTON: “The RIGHT WAY, so we don’t get on that naughty list!!!”

The boy consistently cracks me the hell up.

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Conversation of the Day

On the phone this morning with Nadine…

Nadine: I really feel like I need a deep internal cleansing… like I need to completely clean my system out.  I feel like shit.

Misty: Oh yeah?  Okay.

Nadine: I got some of that citrate of magnesia that they gave Big Kev to completely clean him out before his colonoscopy and I have been sipping it like a cordial.

Misty: You are doing WHAT?  Who the hell does that Nadine? OH MY GOD. **laughing uncontrollably**

Nadine: WHAT?  I don’t have the time to devote to an entire day of shitting, so instead of gulping it down, I am thinking that if I sip it like a cordial it will work slower.  Hopefully I don’t shat myself at the front doors of the grocery store later.

Misty: I hope you know I am putting this on my blog today.  You are so freaking retarded.  Who does that?  Who sips laxatives like cordials to try and “cleanse” themselves… slowly?  Oh my god I love you.

This is usually how my morning conversations with Nadine go.  I walk into work in the mornings with mascara already streaming down my face from laughing.  God love her.

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