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Christmas 2012

We had a fantastic Christmas this year. My sister has been in town, so we have been enjoying spending time with her. The kids have both had Christmas programs and parties at school, leading up to Christmas break, which was nice attending with them. For the first time this year, the family went to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens. We loved it. I cannot believe how many lights were up all over the place.

Everyone was totally spoiled rotten and the gifts that were a hit this year were my new Roomba Vacuum (ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS THING), Kaiden's new iPad, Ashton's new 3DSXL and Todd got a virtual golfing simulator. We were all happy happy! I was also pretty stoked about a new pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses - I needed those bad, as my other glasses were chewed.

We are looking forward to a great new year and a very happy 2013.


Christmas Town at Busch Gardens

Kaiden and her best buddy from her soccer team, Britton at Christmas Town.

Ashton waiting for the ride to start at Christmas Town.


Striper Fishing…22 Pounds

The boys (Todd, Ashton, Big Kev and Lil' Kev) are all out fishing today for Striper. I talked to them on the phone earlier and they were not getting any bites... then I got a photo texted to me. Looks like their luck has changed. I know Ashton is a happy boy.

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Nadine as the Sidewalk Cop

So last night, after catching an early, cheap movie at the Cinema Cafe in Greenbrier, we climb back into Todd's truck to drive home. Nadine notices Todd's hard hat and safety vest in the back seat and puts them on. After chuckling, I told her I was driving her back to the mall entrance and dared her to act in some official capacity with the getup on. She gladly accepted and made people walk around a crack in the sidewalk, while Todd, Kevin and I laughed so hard I had a headache.

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The Definition of 300

Ashton has a test today on Greece and Rome, which we have been studying for all week.  His teacher sent home a study guide for the kids to use.  On one side of the guide is all the terms they need to know, and on the other side are the definitions/descriptions.  They were organized in a grid, so that they could be cut out and used as flash cards.  One of the squares was blank... so Ashton wrote in the number "300."

Greece-Rome Study Guide

So while we were studying, I asked him, "Hey bud, why did you write in the number 300 on this?  Were you supposed to write that in?  Is it on the test? What is the significance of the number 300"  And he responded with a shit-eating grin on his face... "Flip over the page mom and you will see the definition."

Greece-Rome Study Guide

After flipping over the study guide, I could see that he had drawn a nice little stick figure drawing of a man kicking another man into a hole, yelling "THIS IS SPARTA" with a crowd of people behind him.  I did not even say a word... I just looked up and looked him in the eyes... he started laughing and said "WHAT? The test is on Greece... that's Greek!  Jeez mom, you should know that!!!"


He is most likely not getting an A+ on the test... but damn if he is not getting an A+ in LIFE!  SPARTA!

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